Monday, March 13, 2017

Ladies' night!

I'm sorry to say I have zero pictures of my recent night out with my girlfriends, but I still had to give a shout out to an awesome evening. A few of my girlfriends and I have been talking for ages about doing a girls night out and it finally came to fruition last weekend. I also successfully managed to make worlds collide-one of my childhood besties with coworkers. We had such fun at Brass Union-and my sleepover at Elly's was pretty great-we got to debrief the hilarity of the evening as we laid about the next morning and got some treats at Union Square Donuts (clockwise starting from the top left: sea salted bourbon caramel, maple bacon, vietnamese coffee, and brown butter hazelnut crunch). 
I suppose this is less about the specific events of the night, and more the general feeling. One thing that has been challenging about both moving and having a significant commute is the difficulty of creating groups of friends. I can build individual friendships pretty effectively with a little effort but curating a group-squad if you will-is surprisingly different. I've had several of these groups throughout my life and am so grateful for them. Back in Ann Arbor I was lucky enough to have a number of friend groups from my different interests and activities, as well as a roommate who was one of my closest friends-and very talented at friend-dating! 

The feeling when I am with my girlfriends, laughing the night away, is a special one. These girls, whether I have known them since first grade or my first day at my new job, have already been there for me in some emotionally challenging times. Knowing that they are there for tears or laughter, listening or laughing, is truly amazing and I am beyond grateful to have people like them in my life. 


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