Monday, August 28, 2017

A not-so-brief interruption (rant)

We interrupt our regularly scheduled posts about food and travel and fun to have a little rant about this so-called "snowflake generation".

While watching Morning Joe with my dad (a rarity-I almost never watch the news, preferring to read it from a variety of sources), they started to go off on "coddled" and "fragile" liberals, using the violence that broke out at the Berkeley protest as a starting point. There were several points at which I simply couldn't be quiet so figured I would write it out.

They started with discussing the violence at the Berkeley protest-which of course I condemn. Chasing after people to hurt them is unacceptable on all counts and here simply serves as ammunition for the right. However, this quickly devolved into claims that young liberal people think of themselves as "special snowflakes" and don't think they should have to suffer consequences for their actions. The hosts made it a point to repeatedly say that "you hit someone in the head, you go to jail"-completely ignoring their own earlier report that there were 14 arrests. So yes, you hit someone in the head and you go to jail-this time. This seemed to simply be a case of the hosts trying to find another way to talk down to millennials.

Unfortunately they did not end here, but continued to rant and rave about the "snowflakes on the left". I don't know if it's what they intended, but it certainly seems as if Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough hate an entire generation. I cannot say how much this infuriates me for a variety of reasons...unfortunately this is a constant problem and today's statements were simply representative of so many things I have heard and seen.

1. The tone of voice used was extremely patronizing. Saying things like "everybody who disagrees with you is wrong...", "everybody looooves you...", etc. in possibly the most sarcastic tone I have ever heard was simply so disrespectful. Yes, people who seem to actually believe those things are infuriating-however, I have not seen this to be a millennial issue, but an asshole issue.

2. My generation does often have higher expectations for feedback on the work that we do, recognition, etc. My question to those who are upset about this is: where do you think this came from? We didn't raise ourselves-for the most part. Participation trophies weren't our idea. And before you think I'm criticizing my parents' generation: where do you think this came from? They were (and are) simply doing their best to provide not only physical but emotional care for their children. They came of age in a generation where the importance of emotional support was not yet explicitly recognized and wanted to ensure their children did not feel the same way they did. (I read a piece on this online at some point and would love to link to it, but can't remember where I found it-if anyone knows, please tell me and I will add it!) Also-what's so wrong with wanting recognition for good work?

3. There's been a lot of discourse around "safe spaces" and the idea that young people (particularly college students) want to avoid any uncomfortable conversation. Joe in particular claimed that young people only see things that confirm their viewpoints, while he read things that he disagreed with because he already knew what his people were saying. (I wanted to ask him if he'd like a gold star for that.) Again, yes this can be a problem, but it is not a generational one but a close-minded one. I was recently at a training where we discussed the difference between safe and brave spaces-and I am 100% on board with shifting the language and concepts. In brave spaces you are challenged and supported in equal measure-and the frequently used terms of "agree to disagree" and "assume good intentions" are not accepted without analysis. I'll touch on trigger warnings here too-they are not intended to tell people not to listen, read, etc. a piece, but to give them a heads up that it contains content that could be (ugh) triggering. To give them the chance to mentally prepare themselves, to know that they may end up upset. And yes, I know "in the real world" there are no trigger warnings, but guess what happens when people have a chance to address them in healthier ways? They can then encounter these situations in the real world and react in safer ways! It helps them to develop tools and strategies to manage them at all times.

4. What is the problem with demanding accountability? People of all generations say they want more of it, that the problem with politics, etc. is that those in power can get away with so much, but when millennials (and others) push back on sexist policies, homophobic bosses, the insane disparity between the increase in college tuition vs. minimum wage, etc. they say that we are whining. Yes, we push back. Yes, we expect to not be miserable in our work. Yes, we demand to be treated as equals in humanity.

I may end up adding to this as I think more about it-I clearly have a lot of feelings. As I thought about why Mika and Joe seem to hold so much hatred for millennials I wondered, "is it because we don't watch their show? We demand more of people? We refuse to suffer unnecessarily?" and came to the conclusion that in their quest to be the voice of the center they needed a common enemy. This generation makes a perfect one-elders all across the political spectrum love to criticize everything millennials do (or don't do, like eat at crappy restaurants like Applebee's). What better way to get buy-in from the people already watching your show (helloooo, bubble?) than to mock a generation that doesn't watch it and therefore won't even know we have to defend ourselves?

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Entertainment Weekly 8.12.17

I'm finally feeling like my schedule is getting back to normal, but the celebrating and socializing hasn't slowed down much! I was so happy to get to be a part of Dawnmarie's bachelorette last weekend, and have 2 birthday celebrations this weekend-woohoo!
Lately, I've been 

Reading: I just finished Isabel Allende's The Japanese Lover. A beautiful love story that shifts flawlessly between characters and times. 

Listening: I've been listening to the Moth podcast for a long time, but it continues to be a favorite. It never fails to make me emotional. 

Watching: I've been rewatching Galavant now with a couple different friends. It is so funny-and with the popularity of Game of Thrones, the humor feels particularly relevant.

Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!


Friday, August 11, 2017

Eating Elsewhere: Denver (Part 1)

Boy oh boy does Denver have good food! Tons of breweries apparently also means tons of excellent "new American" as well...prepare to drool and/or plan your next trip.
After Dad's and my late arrival on Friday, Lucas took us directly to an excellent coffee shop and bar, Hudson Hill, conveniently right by his house. I was almost too tired to enjoy it, but their cocktails were absolutely worth staying up for (till what felt like 4am!).
Of course we finished the night with a slice...I never get tired of white pizza!
The next morning we hit up Lucas' go-to spot for visitors, Jelly Cafe, to fuel up for our "nature walk". We had a light appetizer of all their donut bites (OMG the spicy Thai peanut was ridiculous). I followed this with some breakfast sliders and breakfast potatoes, all of which was great. My standard for judging breakfast/brunch spots is the potatoes so I get them nearly every time...that's a good excuse, right?
Thankfully our outdoor adventures allowed us to work up enough of an appetite to enjoy a late lunch at the Post Brewing Co. (closer to Boulder to allow us to meet up with some more family). I think if you eat meat, specifically fried chicken, it might be more exciting...though my chile relleno and Post Dark Bloody were quite tasty, and the biscuits are to die for!
When we eventually made our way back to Denver, we made a pit stop at Little Man Ice Cream. We waited for about half an hour, which is apparently not long on a summer day! It was 100% worth it-I loved both the salted maple pecan and Earl Grey tea & cookies flavors I got, and who doesn't enjoy a freshly baked waffle cone??
After dropping the car off at home and walking around for a while, we finally thought we could consume some more food & drink. We had to hit up the classic tiki bar Adrift-I wish I could've gotten better pictures, as the decor and presentation were on point, but the lighting was not conducive to it at all. I don't think Lucas minded (he doesn't exactly love my obsession with photographing my food and drink) but I gave it my best shot! The exterior shot turned out much better...
We ended up eating dinner finally (very late) at a lovely little Mediterranean restaurant, Gozo, where we obviously started with the burrata. Without fail my one complaint is not allowing it to come to room temperature. It was definitely high quality cheese, and the accompaniments were excellent, but the flavor of the burrata itself comes through so much more when it is not cold.
The brussels sprout salad, however, I had absolutely no complaints about-I was in desperate need of protein and greens so it hit the spot. Dad's risotto was also delicious-I feel totally inspired to incorporate eggplant into mine in the future now.

Stay tuned for Day 2!


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Family Fun in Colorado!

Ever since Lucas moved to Denver I have wanted to visit him-and recently I had another reason to add to the list! My cousin Lindsay and her family would be in Boulder while on home leave to visit her husband's family and have their son christened. Dad and I decided to take the chance to see everyone (despite Dad having visited Lucas just a couple weeks prior) so we booked flights and headed out!

I had to duck out of work about an hour early on Friday to make it to the airport on time, but lucked out with a meeting right beforehand-it got out early and was very close to the Silver Line (which I take advantage of whenever I can), so I actually beat Dad to the airport by quite a lot. He was maybe a liiiiittle stressed by this-I definitely got my need to be 2+ hours early from him. Because of all his travel on Delta, he pretty much always gets an upgrade to Comfort+, which I never do-so I definitely enjoyed it! The connecting flight out of Detroit was even better because of a surprise upgrade to first-thanks to Dad and Delta for allowing me to take advantage of it! Getting to order prosecco before they had even finished boarding made me feel pretty special :)

As always, I'll detail the food in another post-we ate way too much to lump it in with anything else! Dad, Lucas, and I enjoyed lots of food and drink so stay tuned for that.
On Saturday we went hiking (or as Lucas termed it, for a "nature walk") near Boulder, in the Flatirons. The views were gorgeous and while I think I could've handled slightly more challenge, I could definitely feel the increased elevation. We ran into just one person on horseback, but apparently that is something you can do-when I go back for a long weekend, I definitely want to find a way to do so!
After spending the afternoon with our extended family eating, drinking, and playing at a splash pad near the Flatirons, we returned to Denver to wander around and eat & drink some more. We walked down Broadway, popping into shops and bars along the way. I was happy to come across Goldmine Vintage and got a very sweet dress from the '60s-I can't wait to wear it!
We all thought this store, Mutiny Information Cafe, was fascinating-coffee, books, comics, and...pinball machines? There were several other bookstores along the same street, which was so cool to see. I wish we'd had more time to visit them all!
Sunday, of course, was the christening. While our side of the family was represented just by us and our cousin Chris (Lindsay's brother) and many more of Jason's family members were able to make it, it was really meaningful to be there for the service.
We all definitely enjoyed the gathering after for family and friends, spending almost the entire day there!
We made it back to Denver just in time for dinner and a final walk around the city. Of course I had to make Dad and Lucas stop for me to take some quintessential blogger photos by one of the "love this city" murals. Thanks for playing photographer, Dad! :) Next time I can hopefully see the other two-I love the variety of street art you can see in Denver.
We had a redeye flight back (which I would definitely not recommend if you have to work the next day, as it comes out to only about 3 hours of sleep), but it was 100% worth it. I just want to go back for a longer weekend soon!


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Entertainment Weekly 8.5.17

I know I've been MIA-with all my travel, and then trying to get my life in order after returning, I really let writing fall by the wayside. I'll have a bunch of travel posts coming-I'm just really struggling with motivation! I know once I get back to it, but it's like exercising. When I fall out of the habit, it is so hard to get back in it. I managed to get back to my daily Bar Method, so I know I can get back to writing too! In the meantime, I've been

Reading: I loved In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume. I wouldn't recommend it while traveling by plane (it revolves around 3 plane crashes that happened in Elizabeth, NJ in the 50s) but it is really good. I'm so glad that Judy Blume is writing for adults!

Listening: Dia Frampton's album Bruises is haunting and beautiful. Listen to it on a rainy day (like today!)

Watching: Riverdale. I had no intention of watching it, but my goodness is it engaging! A definite guilty pleasure but I would certainly recommend it.

Have a great weekend!