Friday, August 11, 2017

Eating Elsewhere: Denver (Part 1)

Boy oh boy does Denver have good food! Tons of breweries apparently also means tons of excellent "new American" as well...prepare to drool and/or plan your next trip.
After Dad's and my late arrival on Friday, Lucas took us directly to an excellent coffee shop and bar, Hudson Hill, conveniently right by his house. I was almost too tired to enjoy it, but their cocktails were absolutely worth staying up for (till what felt like 4am!).
Of course we finished the night with a slice...I never get tired of white pizza!
The next morning we hit up Lucas' go-to spot for visitors, Jelly Cafe, to fuel up for our "nature walk". We had a light appetizer of all their donut bites (OMG the spicy Thai peanut was ridiculous). I followed this with some breakfast sliders and breakfast potatoes, all of which was great. My standard for judging breakfast/brunch spots is the potatoes so I get them nearly every time...that's a good excuse, right?
Thankfully our outdoor adventures allowed us to work up enough of an appetite to enjoy a late lunch at the Post Brewing Co. (closer to Boulder to allow us to meet up with some more family). I think if you eat meat, specifically fried chicken, it might be more exciting...though my chile relleno and Post Dark Bloody were quite tasty, and the biscuits are to die for!
When we eventually made our way back to Denver, we made a pit stop at Little Man Ice Cream. We waited for about half an hour, which is apparently not long on a summer day! It was 100% worth it-I loved both the salted maple pecan and Earl Grey tea & cookies flavors I got, and who doesn't enjoy a freshly baked waffle cone??
After dropping the car off at home and walking around for a while, we finally thought we could consume some more food & drink. We had to hit up the classic tiki bar Adrift-I wish I could've gotten better pictures, as the decor and presentation were on point, but the lighting was not conducive to it at all. I don't think Lucas minded (he doesn't exactly love my obsession with photographing my food and drink) but I gave it my best shot! The exterior shot turned out much better...
We ended up eating dinner finally (very late) at a lovely little Mediterranean restaurant, Gozo, where we obviously started with the burrata. Without fail my one complaint is not allowing it to come to room temperature. It was definitely high quality cheese, and the accompaniments were excellent, but the flavor of the burrata itself comes through so much more when it is not cold.
The brussels sprout salad, however, I had absolutely no complaints about-I was in desperate need of protein and greens so it hit the spot. Dad's risotto was also delicious-I feel totally inspired to incorporate eggplant into mine in the future now.

Stay tuned for Day 2!



  1. I get hungry just reading this... especially as it makes for nostalgia!!!