Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Family Fun in Colorado!

Ever since Lucas moved to Denver I have wanted to visit him-and recently I had another reason to add to the list! My cousin Lindsay and her family would be in Boulder while on home leave to visit her husband's family and have their son christened. Dad and I decided to take the chance to see everyone (despite Dad having visited Lucas just a couple weeks prior) so we booked flights and headed out!

I had to duck out of work about an hour early on Friday to make it to the airport on time, but lucked out with a meeting right beforehand-it got out early and was very close to the Silver Line (which I take advantage of whenever I can), so I actually beat Dad to the airport by quite a lot. He was maybe a liiiiittle stressed by this-I definitely got my need to be 2+ hours early from him. Because of all his travel on Delta, he pretty much always gets an upgrade to Comfort+, which I never do-so I definitely enjoyed it! The connecting flight out of Detroit was even better because of a surprise upgrade to first-thanks to Dad and Delta for allowing me to take advantage of it! Getting to order prosecco before they had even finished boarding made me feel pretty special :)

As always, I'll detail the food in another post-we ate way too much to lump it in with anything else! Dad, Lucas, and I enjoyed lots of food and drink so stay tuned for that.
On Saturday we went hiking (or as Lucas termed it, for a "nature walk") near Boulder, in the Flatirons. The views were gorgeous and while I think I could've handled slightly more challenge, I could definitely feel the increased elevation. We ran into just one person on horseback, but apparently that is something you can do-when I go back for a long weekend, I definitely want to find a way to do so!
After spending the afternoon with our extended family eating, drinking, and playing at a splash pad near the Flatirons, we returned to Denver to wander around and eat & drink some more. We walked down Broadway, popping into shops and bars along the way. I was happy to come across Goldmine Vintage and got a very sweet dress from the '60s-I can't wait to wear it!
We all thought this store, Mutiny Information Cafe, was fascinating-coffee, books, comics, and...pinball machines? There were several other bookstores along the same street, which was so cool to see. I wish we'd had more time to visit them all!
Sunday, of course, was the christening. While our side of the family was represented just by us and our cousin Chris (Lindsay's brother) and many more of Jason's family members were able to make it, it was really meaningful to be there for the service.
We all definitely enjoyed the gathering after for family and friends, spending almost the entire day there!
We made it back to Denver just in time for dinner and a final walk around the city. Of course I had to make Dad and Lucas stop for me to take some quintessential blogger photos by one of the "love this city" murals. Thanks for playing photographer, Dad! :) Next time I can hopefully see the other two-I love the variety of street art you can see in Denver.
We had a redeye flight back (which I would definitely not recommend if you have to work the next day, as it comes out to only about 3 hours of sleep), but it was 100% worth it. I just want to go back for a longer weekend soon!


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