Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Eat Local: Metacom Kitchen

Oh my goodness, y'all-you need to try this restaurant.
Dad and I drove down to Metacom Kitchen for dinner a couple weeks ago-have I mentioned how grateful I am he's always up to try a new restaurant? It was totally worth it. Even the bread and butter they served at the start was excellent. Our server, too, was great-she was charming and chatty without being invasive, and knowledgeable about the food and atmosphere.
We started with the burrata for 2-the accoutrements with which it was served just made it even better. My only slight critique there would be to allow the cheese to come to room temperature, which is tricky in a restaurant setting.
They didn't have any vegetarian entrees listed on the menu, but that didn't stop the chef creating a delicious pasta dish for me. I could have put together a satisfying and yummy meal from the small plates, but I was excited to see what they would come up with-and it was definitely the right choice. Black pepper fettucine (made in-house) with mushrooms, peas, pea shoots, and shallots...mmmmmm. Dad's lamb pasta dish hit the spot for him, and we both enjoyed our drinks-an IPA from Woburn, MA for him and a French rose for me.
We don't often get dessert, but I'm so glad we did this time! He couldn't pass up the espresso martini (especially since we had a going-away party to attend after) and the coffee panna cotta lived up to my very high expectations.
Now, just let me know if you need a dinner date! 


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