Saturday, July 1, 2017

Entertainment Weekly 7.1.17

Happy long weekend! I'm definitely happy about these extra days off, and very much looking forward to some fireworks on Tuesday! Fingers crossed for good weather and only moderately crazy crowds...

Reading: I read The Circle in maybe 3's long but super engaging! They released a movie version starring Emma Watson recently and I did not hear good things...however I would definitely recommend the book.

Listening: I finally gave in and started listening to Harry Styles' solo album and I have to admit, I like it...

Watching: My guilty pleasure, Criminal Minds, just released season 12 on Netflix, so I've been freaking myself out with it. It's gotten crazier so it's somehow less scary...just please, nobody sneak up on me! You might end up with a backhand to the face or an elbow to the gut if you do...

Have a happy 4th, everyone!


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