Thursday, June 29, 2017

Eat Local: Kitchen

If you find yourself in Providence on a Thursday-Sunday with an open morning ahead of you, I highly recommend you make your way over to Kitchen. A tiny, cash-only, no-call-ahead, no-frills breakfast spot, it is truly fantastic.
Dad, Georgina, and I lucked out when we went, as we only had a few groups ahead of us in line-and I ate a granola bar on my drive down from Providence, ha. We spent some of the time waiting planning out everything we wanted to eat...and building up our appetites!
We started with the griddled muffin-they make one kind every day, and we were totally ok with not having a variety from which to choose. The corn-raspberry combo was perfect.
We then dove into our entrees-a breakfast quesadilla for dad (plus a side of bacon, of course), the huevos rancheros for me, and the Big Shot for Georgina, which came with bacon, eggs, home fries, and the Portugese sweet bread French toast. The salsa for dad's and my dishes was even housemade-too delicious!
Dad and I also definitely enjoyed the coffee milk-it went perfectly with our savory and slightly spicy meals!
Let me know if you're headed over-I'll join you and bring coffee for the wait! :)


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