Friday, June 2, 2017

It's Donut Day!

chocolate banana-and balloons!
You may have gathered that I like, really like them. I think it's the fluffy yet chewy texture and creative flavor combinations that have been showing up more and more-plus, New England is just really into them! If you need a recommendation of where to celebrate for Providence, Boston, or Greensboro, look no further...
lemon-raspberry-coconut and chocolate-peanut-coconut
I'll get Greensboro out of the way first-I've only had donuts once there, but they were awesome. Duck Donuts is a design-your-own, freshly baked model that reminded me of how good cake donuts can be when done right!
I have had some pretty fantastic donuts in Boston. At the Union Square Farmer's Market, I picked up a lemon honey one from Mariposa Bakery-I love how they throw the donut hole on top!
sea salted bourbon caramel, maple bacon, vietnamese coffee, and brown butter hazelnut crunch
Union Square Donuts might be the best known, and they definitely have some delicious flavors. The brown butter hazelnut crunch was particularly excellent.
Blackbird Doughnuts is my go-to, possibly because they are too conveniently located between barre and work...I have yet to try the ice cream sandwich or cake, but they are happening at some point!
For classic flavors, a much better deal, and 24/7 service, Doughboy Donuts and Deli is awesome. I am also a fan of all their different iced coffee flavors!

And of course when in Providence, you know my weakness is PVDonuts!
There's definitely more places on my list to try...Knead, Allie's, and Kane's all come to mind!

Who wants to go on a donut date?? 


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