Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fainting Goat Distilling Co.

The last time I went to Greensboro, we walked by Fainting Goat Distilling Co. but didn't make it in. This time, however, Mom put it on the itinerary for the first day I got there!
The owner of it gave us a very thorough tour and description of how their different products are made.
Right now, they only have gin and vodka available, as they are currently aging both varieties of whiskey-bourbon and rye. At the end of the tour, they have you taste each of them, including the unaged whiskeys! Mom and I were pretty surprised to find that we actually liked the gin, as neither of us drink it, and slightly less so (though not entirely unsurprised) that the vodka was so smooth and easy to drink we could sip on it.
Botanicals used in the gin
I probably still wouldn't choose to do that, but on the rocks or with just a splash of soda (or as I had it at the Bearded Goat, in an excellent Moscow Mule).
I may have also purchased some vodka to bring home with me...I mean, how was I supposed to pass up Tiny Cat vodka??
Plenty of decorations in the restroom!

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