Saturday, June 3, 2017

Entertainment Weekly 6.3.17

I always love a 4-day week, though this one sure didn't feel any shorter than normal! I have a couple one-day conferences next week so hopefully that will help next week feel a little calmer...unlikely though, ha! As always though, my usual entertainment is a great form of self care.

Reading: Cruel Beautiful World, a coming-of-age story set in 1969. Caroline Leavitt does a great job of portraying the emotional lives of three very different girls/women set against the a world that revolved around the Vietnam War and related protests and the Manson murders. 

Listening: Nothing new, but I have been enjoying Us the Duo again! 

Watching: Michelle and I went to see Everything, Everything on Monday (the only plans I was willing to make on my bonus day off, ha) and it was great! Of course, as it's based on a young adult novel, there were some moments that required serious suspension of disbelief, but it was really cute and very well done. I felt I needed to see it in theaters-as well as wanting to-especially because it is one of the few with a number of women of color in leadership positions. It also is based around an interracial relationship without actually making the story about that! There's some rainy days coming up...head on over to the movie theater!

Have a great weekend!


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