Saturday, April 1, 2017

Entertainment Weekly 4.1.17

You'd think with all the traveling I've been doing I would have a lot more to contribute to this-but somehow no. I think my addiction to catching up on Mad Men and Grey's Anatomy has put a serious damper on it...oops!

Reading: more cookbooks, as always! My lovely friend Georgina gave me a copy of A Lebanese Feast after I admired it at her house during a small dinner party. It is all vegetarian (and a lot of vegan) Lebanese recipes. Not only do the recipes look delicious, but the stories behind them are lovely as well. Stay tuned to see what I make from it!
Listening: the soundtrack to Newsies. I couldn't tell you why I've suddenly been in the mood for it, but I'd forgotten how great it is! I think as I've been running more outside I've been in search of (largely) upbeat musicals-they hold my attention while the beat keeps me amped up.

Watching: Like I said, I've been making my way through Mad Men-Netflix allows it to be downloaded, so it's a frequent commute companion. I had started it long ago when it was first on the air and stopped for some reason, so began from season one. What I wouldn't give to have been the stylist on that show...

Happy weekend! And to all my fellow Northeast residents: stay warm out there! Spring will be here any moment, I swear...


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