Thursday, April 6, 2017

Reading in D.C.

One of my favorite things to do when visiting any city is to hit up the local bookstore(s). D.C. certainly has no shortage-I managed to visit three and definitely have many more I need to make it to!
Unsurprisingly, many of these bookstores have a political bent. The store that is connected the restaurant/cafe Busboys and Poets makes that very clear with the name Politics and Prose. I couldn't resist getting two books for myself in addition to a gift for my dad. Mine naturally revolve around feminism-Rebecca Solnit's follow up to Men Explain Things to Me, the Mother of All Questions, and a discussion on the rise of the single woman, Rebecca Traister's All the Single Ladies. It's always reassuring to read work by and about women with similar attitudes to mine regarding marriage and children. 
Hannah is lucky enough to have an adorable used bookstore, Idle Time Books, around the corner from her apartment-and they're hiring! If I lived there, I would have applied in a heartbeat. Their cookbook and food writing section is fantastic, though I did manage to limit myself to purchasing only one book. 
On my last morning in D.C. I went to breakfast at the Potter's House, another combination coffee shop and bookstore. They are very social justice oriented, with a pay-what-you-can soup of the day and an atmosphere welcoming to those who might not have anywhere else to wait out a rainstorm. I missed out on the vegan bacon and sausage, as Monday is their produce delivery day and they make it all in-house, but the granola with Greek yogurt and latte were an excellent lighter breakfast. I could have happily purchased every book in the store, but had to hold myself back due to limited space in my "personal item" and knowing I was already very weighed down! I know I'll be returning when I visit Hannah next.

Any bookstore recommendations for my next visit?


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