Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A trip back in time to Old Salem

Visiting my family in NC for my birthday was possibly the best choice I could have made. Things have been a little rough at work lately-through no fault of my coworkers or kids-and it came at the perfect time. Of course, taking an extra-long weekend meant playing a lot of catch-up once I got back and unfortunately that meant the blog got back-burnered. But I'm back-and hopefully will get back on top of it! 
Usually I visit my family for a holiday, which is wonderful but means that everything is focused and scheduled around that. Because we had nothing we had to do, Mom and I decided to take a 3/4 day trip to Old Salem. I've always enjoyed history but don't always want to spend the entire day in it-however, in Old Salem I was actually ready to keep going when everything closed down at 4:30! I highly recommend it, as well as ensuring you are hungry when you go. The Tavern has surprisingly good food, and we were sadly too full to even taste any of the baked goods!
For those of you who don't know, Old Salem is a historical Moravian village, including gorgeous gardens, historical buildings, the original black Moravian church, and the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts
The original organ in the Single Brothers' Home
Part of the way through the day, we became extremely confused by the sudden appearance of teens in formalwear. Perhaps because of growing up in the Midwest I have never understood the craziness that often accompanies these events, but prom is taken so. seriously. in the South. The bridge that you have to cross to get from the shops and and exhibit buildings to the Visitor Center and parking was packed with couples and groups posing. We even overheard someone saying that they didn't think they'd be able to get onto the bridge because of the number of people there. Mom and I felt terrible for all the kids in their long dresses, heels, and rented tuxes and shoes for hours before the dance even starts-and the poor younger siblings dragged along for the professional photographs!
The bridge before the storm...
Mom and I also got some sweet hats...we both have tiny heads so it can be challenging to find ones that fit. We may have gotten a little excited :)

I already miss the sunshine and family...hopefully they come visit Boston soon! Hint hint...


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  1. That was a fantastic day! 'Member how we topped it off?? 'Member dat?!