Friday, May 26, 2017

Eat Local: Oberlin

Y'all, I had literally the best vegetables ever at Oberlin. The whole meal was amazing-and my fellow diners definitely enjoyed the seafood just as much. I couldn't tell you what all they had, but I will torture you with what we all loved.
I'm very glad we stuck to our plan of always ordering a cheese board, because this one with cheeses from Cato Corner Farm was killer.
The freshly baked sourdough with roasted garlic, slow roasted carrots, roasted sweet potato, and grilled asparagus dishes were also all fantastic. I love the tapas style and getting to try so many different dishes!
Side note for my wine people: they give great recommendations. I love a dry rose, but when it's too sweet I can't drink it-the first one they suggested was perfect (if only I could remember the name of it!)
There were about 2 vegetarian dishes we didn't try...I definitely want to go back for those! I'm sure as the seasons are changing they will be introducing new ones as well, and I am just as certain that I will be back.


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