Friday, May 19, 2017

Eating Elsewhere: Greensboro (Part 1)

I'm pretty sure I've said it before, but I tend to plan a big part of my trips around delicious food-and North Carolina was no different! Now, being vegetarian, I can't enjoy the BBQ or seafood, but that doesn't mean I have to miss out on all the Southern cuisine! Every time I go I have to be sure to have some cheese grits and a biscuit...and preferably as many seasonal veggies as possible, especially since they are a little ahead in their growing season! And guys, I really ate so much that I had to split this into multiple posts, otherwise it would have been unreasonably long. I'm a little ridiculous.
I was very happy I decided to take an ungodly early flight (5:30am) so we could get right down to the business of eating everything in sight. After getting a pedicure (desperately needed for this Northern gal!) we stopped by Duck Donuts, a donut shop in which you get to design your own! They fry the donut fresh to order and top it with whatever you request...I went for lemon icing, raspberry drizzle, and coconut, while Mom had chocolate icing with peanuts and coconut. I usually strongly prefer raised donuts, but these have totally won me over.
That evening, we stopped by the Bearded Goat for a little pre-dinner cocktail. While I love the classic copper Moscow Mule mug, I definitely enjoyed it being served in the cutest Deep Eddy tin!
For dinner we went to a restaurant I always enjoy-Crafted: Art of the Taco. I ventured outside my usual to try the taco salad and pimento mac&cheese, which was 100% the right choice. I could eat this salad forever.
On Saturday, after exploring Old Salem, Mom and I went into Winston-Salem for some treats. We attempted to go to Small Batch Beer Co, but it was just too crowded-and maybe I'm getting old, but also definitely too loud, ha! So we headed straight over to Foothills, where we enjoyed an excellent Carolina strawberry blonde ale. We definitely could have found some delicious food there, but Mom already had a plan in mind for that...
We attempted Small Batch again, but to no avail-next time! We then drove over to Cin Cin Burger Bar, a speakeasy-style restaurant and bar. We were told it would be quite a wait for a table, but we knew how to pass the time!
Luckily, as we were sipping on our cocktails, some people seated at the bar were called for their table so we just parked ourselves right there. Mom was insistent on the Gorgonzola fries-and she was right! I considered trying to add some "real food" but wasn't hungry enough for that and crazy boozy we know what won. The intense stomachaches were totally worth it.

Now I'm craving all these foods...whoops. Happy Friday, y'all!



  1. That was some good eatin'! (And drinkin'!)

  2. Wow.... that sure is going well beyond even the great stuff of Crooks Corner and Krispy Creme!!! Good eatin' and publicity for Greensboro!!!