Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Eating Elsewhere: Greensboro (Part 2)

The time I ate everything in Greensboro, continued...
For my birthday, I may have sort of taken over the kitchen...I might be the only person I know who prefers to cook their own birthday meal, ha!
Mom and I started the day before with a trip to the farmer's market, where we picked up fruit, vegetables, and maybe a pastry or two. I always love to explore different cities' farmer's markets (Madison is definitely a favorite if you ever have the opportunity!), and this was no different. There were a number of stands selling the plants themselves and I lamented that I couldn't take them back with me-and to be honest, probably wouldn't have been able to keep them alive even if I had. I do not have a green thumb. at. all.
There were also ridiculously beautiful-and creative chocolates!
Savory cheese croissant-beyond delicious
However, we were able to find the most important ingredient of all-rhubarb! Rhubarb custard pie is my absolute favorite dessert and it is so rarely available. Strawberry, I'm looking at you-stop trying to hog the spring stage!
We had a rhubarb pie-off consisting of a rhubarb custard (mom and me) and a rhubarb pie with meringue (Grandma and Aunt Sandy). I wanted the rest of the meal to feature seasonal veggies, so we decided to stick with the pie theme and made a galette and frittata, along with big salad and good bread. All my favorite foods!
The next day was my actual birthday-and of course the only really yucky one weather-wise. Mom, Alvan, Grandma, and I made the best of it by having a giant breakfast at Scrambled. I was pretty pumped to have vegetarian biscuits and (mushroom) gravy, but was slightly disappointed at how over-salted I felt it was. Thankfully the cheese grits lived up to my memories-I gotta get my grit fix! Next time I'll probably go back to my tried and true favorite of the OMG scramble skillet over grits (minus ham, of course).
Mom, Alvan, and I then spent quite a while just reading and writing while sipping on some delicious flavored iced coffees at Common Grounds-I had the Bill Murray, a latte with chocolate and pistachio. I hadn't simply sat and read in a long time-it felt good!
They also serve wine-but we were not yet at that point, ha!
We did our best to work up an appetite for a late lunch and headed over to Hops Burger Bar, one of our go-to spots (along with everyone else in Greensboro) and lucked out with them being weirdly empty. I got the spiciest (nutty patty) burger they had, the Diablo, with fries and a Lagunitas Sumpin' Sumpin'. Since they have an upcharge for the veggie burger, even if you don't want the bacon that comes on the burger, I asked to have it on the side so the carnivores could enjoy it.
We had to be sure to fit in one last meal the day that I left, just to make sure I couldn't fit into any of my pants upon my return, ha! We always love Freeman's Grub & Pub, but they really amped it up this time. Their focus on local and seasonal products is one of my favorite things in any restaurant and they rock it. I was a little disappointed that the only vegetarian main being offered that day was a jerk "chicken" sandwich, so the chef himself came out to ask about my preferences...I was totally overwhelmed and vague, but he did a great job! I simply requested some sort of sandwich that did not include eggplant or green peppers, and he made the most delicious black bean burger-clearly with fresh ingredients and interesting toppings. Starting with the pimento jalapeno poppers and a Bloody Mary didn't hurt either!
I really don't think I exaggerated when I talk about how much I ate-but to be honest, I had just as much fun! I've got one or two other things to feature eventually, but if you're headed to Greensboro any time soon this ought to give you a good start!


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