Friday, February 10, 2017

Eat Local: Eli's Kitchen

Last week, my dad and I made the trip to Eli's Kitchen in Warren, RI. It's only about 25 minutes away, but in Rhode Island that may as well be an hour to most people. I'm trying not to get caught in that way of thinking, and maintain my Midwest belief that it's an easy drive, but I'm getting a little lazy! I've been wanting to go to Eli's for months now and just not made it a priority...and am now kicking myself! It was amazing, from the service to the drinks to the food. It was completely satisfying for both of us, having creative and classic dishes that appeal to vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. I only managed photos of my food, but rest assured, Dad devoured the clam chowder and shepherd's pie. The servers were all fantastic, and it was very fun to get to watch Eli and the other cooks prepare everything. They even tolerated-with good humor-my dad's attempt to convince everyone to join his martial arts school, the Way of the Dragon.

I had the cajun sweet potato melt, and while I had the option for dressed greens (and very much enjoyed the bite I stole from Dad), I decided to go full sweet potato by having the fries with curry salt and mango ketchup. Definitely the right choice. Accompanied by a Moscow Mule (made with a local ginger beer by Yacht Club), it was the perfect meal.

We don't often get dessert, as both of us would rather have cheese than sugar, but we couldn't resist one of the specials: a dark chocolate bread pudding with whiskey sauce. Eli was kind enough to recommend serving the sauce on the side, as I'm still (years later, ha) recovering from college whiskey-related traumas. However, I did add a very small amount to what I had and it was delicious! Of course, Dad was very happy to have the rest of it on his.

I definitely plan to go back soon...most likely for brunch, but I've got to have dinner there again too! If anyone is interested in joining me, and therefore giving me an excuse to go...just let me know :) I wish I could go for the Fat Tuesday dinner, but alas, I'll be working until my usual time of 8pm-in Boston. I'll just have to make it up with some paczki...


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  1. Oh, what a good reminder of a fantastic meal... G & I drove past it en route to Quitos in Bristol the other night and I told her how amazing that meal was!