Friday, February 3, 2017

Welcome to Providence!

Julia's visit this weekend was not only her first trip to Boston, but to Providence as well. As always, we ate a lot of delicious food, but we also made sure to do some walking to work it off!

We started the day with a pilgrimage to PVDonuts...and yes, it deserves that term. Because they are only open 8am-3pm (or until they sell out), you have to get there early. Both times I have gone we have waited in line for about 45 minutes-but it is worth it! Julia and I selected 5 donuts, plus the 6-pack of munchkins for a tasting with dad, his friend, and her 2 year old (we got the cereal milk flavor for her, but we all enjoyed it as well).

Creme brulee, raspberry filled, honey sea salt, brown butter Milky Way, and cereal milk...all delicious!

It's tough to say which was my favorite flavor, but this month I think the creme brûlée has to win out. They change the flavors every month, and I can't wait to try February's!

After pregaming with donuts (and talking superheroes with the donut tasting gang), Julia and I hit our next stop on the Providence Kennedy food tour: Nick's on Broadway. I try my best to bring everyone here as it some of the best seasonal and local fare to be had, but if they don't have significant patience it is not the place to go. Thankfully our donuts were able to tide us over until we were seated at the chef's counter, where we were able to watch (and listen to) all of the food being prepared. With brunch I usually opt for the adult coffee milk (a cocktail based on a classic Rhode Island beverage), but given our plans for later in the day, I figured I had better stick to fully caffeinated and nonalcoholic coffee. The frittata, potatoes, and pesto bread were all freshly made and perfectly presented. As always though, my eyes were bigger than my stomach-they made for excellent leftovers as well!

We then made our way to the RISD Museum-a staple in Providence culture, though I hadn't actually yet made it there. I have found since my NYU days that I have pattern of only engaging in the tourist-y activities until I have visitors-and then realize what I've been missing out on! There was a lovely selection of modern and classical art, including my favorite-textiles. The "Luxurious Lace" exhibit was beautiful, though I would have loved to see more.

The displays in Pendleton House were an excellent way to view these early American items in context. 

We of course took a walk through Brown's campus, and quickly ended up on Thayer Street. For those of you familiar with Ann Arbor but not Providence, it's essentially a combination of South U and State Street. For those who are not, it is a nice combination of student-type places (cheap eats and fun shops) and some nicer restaurants as well. We-ok I-did a little shopping at the secondhand store, 2nd Time Around. I mean, how was I supposed to pass up sparkly pink Kate Spade heels-with bows-at 80% off? We all know that wasn't happening!

We then headed home to get ready for dinner and our night out. I have been following the Beehive Cafe (in Bristol) on Instagram for some time and meaning to try it out, so Julia and I decided to make the drive down-it was absolutely worth it. The mushrooms on toast were delicious, though no photo could do them justice, and the kale salad was healthy and flavorful-a total win.

Two other friends joined us back at home for drinks before going out dancing-and they brought along dessert! An Oreo pudding pie and the cutest little red velvet cake to celebrate our girls' night.

While our time together was over too quickly-always!-we're already planning our next trips. Mine to Michigan, Julia's back here (in warmer weather)..and perhaps some shared travel to Denver and/or Nashville...I can't wait!


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