Friday, February 17, 2017

Magazine Meals: Potatoes and Greens

I love trying out new recipes, and thankfully Dad is always game. I'm getting spoiled here-it's going to be hard to stay motivated when I move out and am only cooking for myself! In the meantime, I'm enjoying making my way through many of the recipes I've saved from Real Simple, Bon Appetite, cookbooks, and other resources.

Dad always loves a hearty meal, and in the winter I definitely want to hibernate with comfort food. In this vein, I opted for Southern Living's recipe for twice-baked green potatoes. My goodness they were delicious-and reheated impressively well. When done in the oven, the skins stayed crispy-key to enjoying a baked potato! Adding greens (I went for kale, my go-to) made it feel very slightly healthier and added some needed texture and flavor.

We (ok, I) felt it needed an accompaniment of something light, crunchy, and (more) green. Bon Appetit's broccoli and brussels sprouts slaw fit the bill perfectly. I left out the anchovy, of course (vegetarian here!), and actually the olives as well-I am not a fan of the green ones, though put a dish of kalamata olives in front of me and they will be gone in a flash.

I must admit, however, by the time I finished off all the leftovers I was ready for something new-anyone who wants to come for dinner sometime just let me know! I love having guinea pigs-I mean guests :)


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